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Kimetha Johnson for West St. Paul Mayor

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We are grateful to have the support from the following individuals and organizations.

Ryan Weyandt and Michael Hainlin

Ryan Weyandt and his husband Michael Hainlin are West St. Paul residents and owners of the newly painted fence on the corner of Butler and Smith. The fence now features an impressive Black Lives Matter mural and a campaign painting in support of Kimetha's campaign. Weyandt shared:

While I deeply respect the [incumbent] mayor and his service to the community, I am also far too aware that humans tend to only relate to personal experiences, those we’ve involved ourselves in, or those which we choose to learn about and develop an understanding of. She has the audacity to run in an election where folks openly threaten her, steal and deface her campaign propaganda, dismiss her and call her names, and she still goes around door-knocking, with her purple mask hiding a contagious smile, trying to get to know the residents of this city and encourage them to vote and be involved in their local elections.

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Ken Paulman

We've lived in West St. Paul for over a decade now, and it's been great to see our little inner-ring suburb gradually become more diverse, resilient, and dare I say vibrant, especially in the past few years. And that's why I'm supporting Kimetha Johnson for mayor. Kae Jae, to me, represents the future of this community. She has the wisdom, the vision, and the drive to provide the kind of leadership we need going forward.

Matthew Schempp

Hi, I’m Matthew Schempp, a long-term resident of West Saint Paul, and I’m supporting Kae Jae Johnson for Mayor of West Saint Paul because I fully believe that representation matters. I think Kae Jae’s skills as a negotiator, advocate, and organizer will serve our city well, while also offering ways to bring more people into the process. I’ve been privileged to see Kae Jae work in person this past year and a half, and her passion and joy when she reaches out is infectious. I hope you’ll join me in supporting Kae Jae and a fresh perspective for advancing West St. Paul.

Jade Pennig

I endorse Kae Jae Johnson for Mayor of West St. Paul because she brings an incredible set of organizational skills to the table. I've seen first hand how she can make a connection with everyone she meets, and how she is able to engage people and bring out the best in them. With her experience and background in union and community organizing, I really feel she has the right set of skills to make her an impactful Mayor.

Kae Jae will also bring a fresh perspective to city leadership, one which has been historically underrepresented in our city. With her at the helm, we will be better able to understand and support our entire community. Kae Jae will also work tirelessly to ensure that our city's best interests are always at the forefront of any conversation, and look out for our city's working class.

Jeramie Torkelson

Previous West St. Paul Mayoral Candidate


We give thanks to the following individuals and organizations for their work and support during our campaign.