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Kimetha Johnson for West St. Paul Mayor

Vote November 3rd!

About Kimetha "Kae Jae" Johnson

Kimetha Kae Jae Johnson and granddaughter Nyalah

I’m a widow, a cancer fighter, a renter, and a mother of three daughters (one deceased), one son, and two cats.

I’m excited every day about being the Nana of two grandchildren (my daughter is expecting my third on Election Day), especially Nyalah (we call her “Beans”) who lives with me here in West St. Paul, and will be attending Garlough in ISD 197.

When I moved to West St. Paul, I came with only a car in desperate need of tires, a couple totes of clothes, and a new job opportunity. Without a place to stay, I literally moved here on faith and the hope that I could establish myself here and provide my granddaughter with a better life than I had been able to provide for my children.

I stayed with a good friend while continuing to pay rent in Milwaukee, to ensure my daughter and grandchildren had a home. Once I got on my feet, I was able to bring Nyalah to live with me here in West St. Paul, to lessen the burden on my daughter, who is out of work as a general manager of a pizza restaurant, due to COVID.

I chose to live in West St. Paul because I wanted my granddaughter to be a part of a great education system that will feed her creative and active mind. We can’t wait to be involved, and have already built some great relationships with parents at Garlough.

I’ve been a community and labor organizer for nearly 20 years. Every day I’m connected with hard-working people who are just getting by on low wages, insecure housing, inadequate childcare, and the bare minimum of healthcare. These are issues that diminish dignity, quality of life, and contribute to major societal challenges -- such as unemployment, homelessness, and mental illness.

Kae Jae Organizes the Unity March for ROCC

Since I’ve been living in West St. Paul, I have put my organizing skills to work and founded the community group Residents of Color Collective (ROCC), which has added to the growth of community engagement locally through the Unity March, held in June, and our ongoing supply and food drives to address the needs of our community. I have been building relationships with businesses and individuals who are willing to donate time and resources to enrich our city.

Although my connection and introduction to West St. Paul is not traditional, it is one of choice and as Mayor I’ll work tirelessly to develop deeper connections that will:

  • Build a city that’s affordable for all
  • Re-imagine community engagement and safety
  • Create advancing opportunities for entrepreneurs and small businesses
  • Protect prevailing wage
  • Support ISD 197’s strong education system

West St. Paul deserves a leader who has the experience and willingness to think outside the box. I ask for your vote and your support so that I can bring my experience and skills to work for West St. Paul.

Elect Kimetha "Kae Jae" Johnson -- A fresh perspective for advancing West St. Paul