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Kimetha Johnson for West St. Paul Mayor

Vote November 3rd!

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My name is Kimetha "Kae Jae" Johnson, and I am running for Mayor of West St. Paul, Minnesota.

As the first Black candidate to run for office in West St. Paul history, Kae Jae brings a new and long overdue perspective to city leadership and city oversight. She is running for Mayor to build a West St. Paul that’s culturally aware, inclusive, and determined to break down systemic discrimination of all kinds.

Her candidacy is also about creating deeper relationships among residents and a strong sense of shared community. As a city, we can engage all our communities, especially those whose voices have gone unheard for so long, and work together to plan our future, create solutions, and share resources.

In her job as a community and labor organizer Kae Jae sees people every day who are surviving on the edge with inadequate wages, housing, child care, and transportation.

West St. Paul deserves a Mayor who understands the reality and humanity of these issues. We need a leader who is a champion for small business owners, renters’ rights, community engagement, and accessible mental/physical healthcare. We need a Mayor who will enforce transparency, uphold our prevailing wage ordinance on building projects, and ensure Black, Indigenous, Latinx, Immigrant, and other unheard communities in West St. Paul are supported equitably and feel safe here.